How to create a database in WIX. Workers sample

How to use collections in Wix

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turn on developer tools Wix
  1. Turn on Developer Tools. It allows you to use all Wix Code features on your Wix site. We start by creating a database.
create database wix code

2. Click ‘+’ and ‘New Collection’

You can find all the databases in the new panel that opens at the left side of your screen. That panel contains the list of all pages, dynamic pages, light-boxes, Public files, Backend files where you keep your code, and Databases.
In a case you use Wix Bookings Wix Stores or Wix Events, you find there not only databases created by you, but also Databases created automatically with the data from apps we mentioned.

name database wix

3. Name your database

Be careful with that, cause Wix doesn’t allow deleting database or fields in databases. To avoid annoying ‘test1’ database on your website, make sure you name it right from the first time.

wix database field name, field key, field type.

4. Add fields you will need.

Wix doesn’t allow to rename the field, so be careful there.
Note, there are two different properties of the field ‘Field Name’ and ‘Field Key’. The second one ‘Field Key’ (btw, it always starts from the lower case) is used in the code.

I will tell more about field types in next story.

import data into wix database

5. Fill in your table just as you do in Excel or Google Sheets. Data will be saved automatically.
You can also Import data from the file.


sync database in wix

6. You need to Sync database, cause there are two versions of that. ‘Sandbox’ and ‘Live’. The first one works in the editor only and the second one in live site only.
Sometimes, when you get data from users, you will need to sync data, but choose 3rd or 4th option.

how to create database Wix video

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have any questions ♥


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